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New Year, New Furniture

New Year, New Furniture: 3 Tips to Revamp a Room in Your House

Happy New Year!

We are so excited for the start of a brand-new year and hope that you are too!

If you have plans in 2020 to update and upgrade a room or rooms in your house, we have the tips and information that you’ll need to pick the furniture that helps create the room of your dreams.

At Room Concepts Furniture, we pair our experience with your wish list to help you find or customize the perfect piece of furniture to fit your style and space.

In this blog post, we’ll be offering three helpful tips to get you started.

Measure the Space

The first step in any interior design project is to plan out what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re looking to update your living space, bedroom, or dining room, each room in your house serves a different function and your furniture should accommodate those needs.

It’s for this reason that the first stage of the planning process is taking the room size into account and measuring the space so that the furniture doesn’t overtake the room or leaves too much space.

Measuring and mapping out where and how big or small the furniture needs to be will help you efficiently use the space that you have.

We are happy to help do room and space planning for you.  Just bring your measurements in when you come.  If you are worried about doorways, heat vents, windows, etc, just bring measurements and additional info regarding where they are in the room and we will work around those to help find you the best furniture layout for your lifestyle.

Pick a Theme

Another important aspect of buying new furniture is thinking about the theme that you’re trying to accomplish in the space. There are furniture pieces that complement the style that you choose.

For instance, if you’re going for a more modern look, neutral tones and leather upholstery are good options.

If you’re leaning more towards a traditional look, rich and natural colors with fabric upholstery works well.

Or, maybe you want a statement piece added to your room, Amish-Made Furniture is perfect for that.

Picking a theme helps focus your attention so that you can pick the right furniture that suits your needs and embodies your style.

Furniture Shopping

Now that you have the measurements and a theme in hand, it’s time for the fun part… Furniture shopping!

Before you head out the door to begin your furniture shopping quest, you’ll want to take into account your lifestyle and wear and tear. For instance, different fabrics work better than others for families and we can help you pick the right fabric and style to meet your needs.

When you shop with Room Concepts Furniture, you can trust that our experienced staff will help you pick out the perfect piece or pieces of furniture to revamp your living space.

Whether it’s a dining set, bedroom set, or a brand-new couch, we have a plethora of options to choose from that matches your vision and showcases your style.

Three Tips to Decorate Around Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is almost here and the hustle and bustle of the season can make it hard to find time to get a tree, decorate the tree, and enjoy the tree!

And, if you’re still planning on picking out your Christmas tree and decorating your house for the season, take note of these three helpful tips to learn how to arrange your room.

Take an Inventory of your Furniture

Before you pick out your tree, take stock of the furniture in your room and note what pieces can be moved out of the space during the holiday season. It’s also important to visualize and then create walkways in your room so there are no obstructions caused by your tree.

Pick the Perfect Placement

Make your tree the focal point of the room but make sure it’s not obtrusive. You’ll want to keep your tree out of walkways and away from fireplaces but in a spot where it catches your eye and can be admired from various vantage points.

Remove and Reuse Furniture 

Remember that furniture you might have moved out of the space to make room for your tree? You don’t have to put it in storage! Find other parts of the house where that piece of furniture can function. Perhaps you had to move the ottoman. Consider moving it into your office or the dining room. Cover it with a festive throw blanket and let it provide an added layer of holiday spirit in your home.

We hope that your holiday season is merry and bright and that you can use these three tips to make your Christmas tree the star of your holiday decor!

wallpaper tips - Room Concepts Furniture

Three Tips to Choose the Right Wallpaper

There are ebbs and flows with all interior design trends and wallpaper is a perfect example.

Wallpaper was all the rage for over 30 years and then it became the bane of most people’s existence.

Shockingly enough, wallpaper is making a comeback and in this blog post, we’re offering you three tips to choose the right wallpaper for your room. 

Let’s start off by saying that wallpaper is a commitment, once it’s on the wall, more times than not, it’s on. the. wall. Whereas with paint, if you don’t like the color, you buy a new can and cover it up.

So, with that in mind, let’s start off with our first tip and that is to answer a few key questions.

How to select the right wallpaper

As we mentioned before, selecting the right wallpaper for your room requires that you ask yourself a few basic questions. They are:

  • What’s the overall style of the room?
  • Are you going for a simplistic look? A bold look?
  • Do you want to add a pop of color to offset the neutral furniture?
  • Will this be an accent wall?
  • Do you want to cover all four walls?

These are questions that you should ask yourself right out of the gate because they help you focus your attention and weed out what you don’t want in your wallpaper.

Which leads us to the second tier of wallpaper selection.

How to choose the right pattern

Just like when you’re purchasing your furniture, pattern and style are everything.

This same notion applies to your wallpaper design. If you want to streamline the process, avoid small patterns. Trying to match up the patterns on different strips of wallpaper can be extremely difficult.

That’s why it’s a good idea to opt for larger designs or even simplistic designs that don’t require exact repetition.

Beyond the actual pattern of the wallpaper, you’ll also have to decide if you want to go with a flat or textured look.

Flat wallpaper usually offers more detail such as metallic or gloss embellishments while textured wallpapers help cover underlying imperfections on the wall.

At the end of the day, choosing between flat and textured wallpaper is a matter of preference and if you can’t decide, refer back to our initial questions that we provided to narrow down your decision.

Pay attention to light

Light plays a factor in choosing the style and color of your wallpaper. If you’re looking for wallpaper in a room with no natural light, you’ll want to find a print that reflects the available light. In fact, this would be a good instance to use flat wallpaper with metallic finishes.

Also, keep in mind that darker wallpapers tend to absorb light and make the room feel smaller.

Pay attention to the light source of the room and find a wallpaper design that compliments the space.

spring decorating

Three Easy Spring Decorating Tips to Spruce up your Home

Spring has sprung and this season offers the perfect opportunity for you to freshen up your living space. 

If you’ve been thinking about giving your home some extra TLC, check out our three helpful spring decorating tips to get you started. 

Add fresh flowers to brighten up your space

There’s no denying that fresh flowers have the power to brighten up any space in your house! Spring is the perfect season to breathe new life into the various rooms in your house with fresh flower displays. If you want to think outside of the vase, consider these flower display ideas:

  • Use a tea cup: This is the perfect chance for you to use that fine china that’s collecting dust in storage! If you have flowers with shorter stems, don’t get rid of them. Simply display them in a tea cup and keep the stems tied together with a rubber band so that they don’t spread. 
  • Dress up the vase: If you have a clear vase and want to dress it up a bit, consider wrapping twine or colorful ribbon to add a little pizazz. In fact the colorful ribbon can be swapped out to match the season and the flowers that you’ve picked. 

Flower arrangements are perfect for the dining room tablecoffee table, mantle or even a windowsill. The bright pops of color combined with the natural light streaming into your house is a match made in interior-design heaven!

Swap out your lamp shades

You might not have thought about it before, but swapping out your lamp shades is a small tweak that makes a big difference. Since it’s spring time, you’ll want to swap out your current lamp shades and exchange them for lamp shades in lighter colors. You could even go the extra mile and add some customization by adding colorful fabric that matches or accents the rest of the decor in your room. 

Update your tablescape

Springtime calls for light and airy colors, fresh blooms, and the occasional pop of color. All of these components make for the perfect spring-inspired tablescape. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Colorful placemats: Adding colorful placemats to your tablescape offers that subtle pop of color that accents the rest of your embellishments. Don’t just limit yourself to one color, consider placemats with geometric designs for an added layer of creativity. 
  • White dishes: To offset the rest of your tablescape design use white dishes. The simplicity of the dishware will help pull the entire tablescape together. 
  • Fresh flowers: We’ve already mentioned it once in this blog, but fresh flowers can brighten up any room or tablescape for that matter! To showcase your flower arrangements, consider using vases of varying heights to add depth to your tablescape. TIP: The tallest vase/flower arrangement that you have should be placed in the center as your focal point. From there, you can build around it with other vases of varying heights.

Three Tips to Consider when Decorating your Living Room

There’s no denying that we spend a lot of time in our living rooms. It’s the space in our house where we watch TV, eat meals (you know you do It), and gather with family and friends.

It’s called a living room for a reason!

If you’re planning on giving your living room a facelift, you’ll want to check out these three helpful tips before you get started.

Get Creative

A one-dimensional room tends to be boring. To spice up your space, think about adding depth by mixing and matching patterns and textures. If you’re not sure where to start, decide on a color for the room and add accents that are in different shades of that color. This alone will add some depth to your design. Up the ante by peppering in different patterns and accents pillows!

By doing so, not only will you have a sense of uniformity, but you’ll also be adding some personality into your design.

If you have lots of family pictures and art pieces that you want to display, consider creating a picture-frame collage to create an accent wall.

This is a great way to uniquely put these items on display!

Find a Focal Point

You want your living room to have a noticeable center. Your focal point can be anything from a coffee table to an ottoman.

Use this focal point as the building block and fill in the space around it. Let’s say for example, you go with a coffee table in the center of your room, start adding seating options around it like custom furniture such as chairs, a sofa, and even a standing lamp.

Choosing a centerpiece for your room will help you get a better idea of the other moving pieces that you’ll need in order to complete your living room’s design puzzle!

Focus on flow

As you’re adding the various pieces of furniture around your focal point, you’ll want to consider the flow of your room as well. As we mentioned before, your living room can be a crowded place where you and your family relax. So, making sure that the traffic can flow in and out with ease is imperative to the functionality of the room.

Be sure to leave enough space around each piece of furniture to allow for people to easily get in and out of their seating. A cramped room feels cluttered so fill in your floor plan with the “less is more” mentality.

So, if you’re planning on decorating or redecorating your living room in the near future, keep these three tips in the back of your mind to maximize your space and show off your personality!

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