Amish Twin Bedroom


This Amish bedroom is made by Country View Woodworking in OH.  It is a Twin bed, dresser and nightstand.  The dresser is 66 x 22 x 34H and the nightstand is 26 x 21 x 24.5H.  All of it is made from solid maple wood and done in a very dark charcoal stain.  Our mistake is your gain as this was ordered wrong and since we don’t often sell twin beds, it probably will never make it to our showroom for display.  It is being stored in our distribution center in Cranberry Twp.  If it was being ordered from our showroom it would be $4,699 but on clearance for $2,599.  The dresser alone is $2,169 new.  If interested, email [email protected] for arrangements to view.   Available for immediate delivery or pick up.