Smith 568 Chair

The 568 chair is all American made by Smith Brothers.  It is a tight back with rolled arm.  Available with or without nail heads in up to 1,000 different fabrics and leathers.  

Popular fabric choices:

Smith Brothers Fabrics

Smith Brothers fabrics have been a key ingredient to Smith Brothers Furniture’s unparalleled quality since 1926. Each unique shipment of fabric or leather is carefully evaluated and graded upon receipt by Smith Brothers staff to ensure it meets the absolute highest levels of textile quality. The options are virtually limitless when you consider that there are over 1,000 fabrics to choose from when you to customize the perfect Smith Brothers piece. The perfect fabric for your home works seamlessly with the other unique elements of a Smith Brothers piece including a solid maple hardwood frame, the best coil springs in the industry, seat cushions made from the highest quality foam available, arm supports exclusively designed to eliminate wobble, and triple layered padded arms. This is all backed by Smith Brothers lifetime warranty on their springs, frames and even seat cushions!

Below are only a few of the fabric choices available. Browse below or check out more of our selection of Smith Brothers furniture, including the Smith Brothers 5000 Series sofa. With over 1,000 Smith Brothers fabrics and leathers available to choose from, this piece presents a timeless design without any compromise.

Smith Brothers Fabric 267414
Smith Brothers Fabric 282014
Smith Brothers Fabric 297810
Smith Brothers Fabric 326614
Smith Brothers Fabric 335103
Smith Brothers Fabric 345902
Smith Brothers Fabric 346211
Smith Brothers Fabric 348312
Smith Brothers Fabric 348314
Smith Brothers Fabric 351614
Smith Brothers Fabric 354412
Smith Brothers Fabric 380711

Hundreds more to choose from:

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