Rowe Townsend Bench Seat Sectional

$2,789.00 Starting price w/ 30 fabric choices

The Townsend Bench Seat Sectional is American made in Virginia by Rowe Furniture.  It is a transitional track arm look and comes in over 500 fabrics. It can be configured to fit your space.  It comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee on springs and frames and a 5 year warranty on seat cushions.

Also Available as:

  • Sofa – 

Popular fabric choices:

Rowe Fabric Bark 100cr 80
Rowe Fabric Brick 11891 45
Rowe Fabric Grey 43179 10
Rowe Fabric Grey 47779 10
Rowe Fabric Navy 12603 56
Rowe Fabric Navy N 13044 56
Rowe Fabric Navy N 105160 56
Rowe Fabric Pepper 100cr 29
Rowe Fabric Putty 16237 75
Rowe Fabric Smoke 14744 83

Hundreds more to choose from:


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