North American Made vs. Mass Produced Imports

Purchasing furniture is a commitment. Many items consumers own have a short life expectancy, unlike furniture. Pieces you purchase will make or break the design of an entire room and (hopefully) last a very long time. That is where quality comes into play. Have you ever wondered what the difference in North American made vs. mass produced imported furniture is? Let’s break it down.

North American Made Furniture

North American made furniture provides consumers with the highest quality product. For example, North American made wood furniture uses solid wood as opposed to pressed wood or another like substance. Solid wood provides a beautiful look to any room. Not to mention the construction is top notch.

Also, North American made pieces offer better warranties. This is important when you consider how long you plan to own a piece of furniture.

Moreover, an influential advantage to purchasing North American made furniture is the ability to customize options like color, fabric, size, shape, style, and configurations. When designing a room, having the ability to customize your furniture is desirable.

Unfortunately, it may take longer to receive North American made furniture. But, you should never let quality outweigh a faster delivery date. We take pride in the well-constructed pieces we offer and promise the wait is always worth it.

Mass Produced Imports

The biggest advantages to purchasing a mass-produced imported piece is the lower cost and faster delivery times.

Regularly, the cost of an imported product is less expensive than a North American made piece; however, you must take quality into consideration here.

If you need something quickly, mass produced imports can be a good option. But remember, quality furniture usually has a long life expectancy so consider taking your time and purchasing something you will love for many years to come. It will save you money in the long run, as you will not need to keep replacing items due to poor quality or design.

Come See Us!

If you would like to see high-quality North American made furniture, come see us! Don’t forget, most of our options are customizable for the same price too. Our expert team will be happy to show you options that fit your style and budget.

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