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Creating a Home Office Space

Have you heard the acronym WFH?  Maybe not pre-pandemic but since the COVID-19 outbreak, thousands of people who used to commute to an office are now working from home (WFH). While being at home has many added benefits, finding a space or having the right furniture for your home office may be your current challenge. Let Room Concepts help you find the perfect pieces for your home office space, whether it is an actual office or tiny corner in your living room.

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Furniture for the Holidays

This is your friendly furniture reminder to order soon so that you have your living room, dining room, or spare bedroom pieces in time for the holidays.

Is it your turn this year to host a holiday meal? Are you worried you do not have enough seating or that your hand-me-down couch has seen better days? Well, we can help! Let Room Concepts furnish your space in time to have that family holiday meal. And, yes, we realize the weather is still warm so why are we talking about the holidays now? That’s because we offer fully customizable pieces and they can take time to build and ship. Currently, the furniture industry is so busy that normal lead times have increased and, in some cases, doubled. We recommend orders needed for November holidays be submitted by mid-September and for December holidays be submitted by the beginning of October.

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North American Made vs. Mass Produced Imports

Purchasing furniture is a commitment. Many items consumers own have a short life expectancy, unlike furniture. Pieces you purchase will make or break the design of an entire room and (hopefully) last a very long time. That is where quality comes into play. Have you ever wondered what the difference in North American made vs. mass produced imported furniture is? Let’s break it down.

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Reclining vs. Stationary Seating

When it comes to designing a room, your choices may seem unending ̶ especially when looking at reclining and stationary seating. Having a copious amount of choices can be overwhelming. Let us help you understand the differences between reclining and stationary seating. Both options have advantages and disadvantages that could sway a buyer one way over another. So, lets break it down to help you make a well-informed choice.

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High-Top Dining Compared to Traditional Dining

Furniture is all about usability and functionality, especially today when there are so many choices available when shopping. You now have the option to choose between standard, bar, or counter-high tables from different collections in varied styles. High-top dining tables have replaced traditional dining room sets. These sophisticatedly styled dining room sets will uplift the interior of your dining room in different ways, and it all comes down to your style and the theme you have applied to your space. Read more to find out some of the features of both high-top  dining and traditional dining sets to make your decision-making process more manageable.

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5 Open Floor Plan Furniture Layout Ideas for Your Living Room

Turn on any home improvement show, and you’ll hear these words within five minutes: open floor plan or open floor concept. These plans are popular because of their versatility. Outfitting a sprawling space can prove to be difficult though. We’re here to help with five open floor plan furniture layout ideas for your living room. Room Concepts offers a complete line of living room furniture adaptable to your open floor plan.

Before we jump into open floor plan furniture layout ideas—let’s discuss what open floor plans are and why they are so popular.


Room Concepts, a Reintroduction to Pittsburgh

As our nation continues to navigate unprecedented and unpredictable times, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that we are still here and eagerly look forward to helping you choose the perfect custom piece(s) for your home. We understand you crave normalcy and want to get back to the way things were before this pandemic and can assure you that we plan to follow the state’s health recommendations for the protection of our customers and staff. Let us earn your confidence in shopping with us as we reintroduce ourselves to you.


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Bedroom Designing Tips

After spending a long tiring day at work, all we want is to spend some quality time at home. Most of us would agree that inside our home, our bedroom is the only personal space, especially when you live with a big family. Therefore, it truly deserves your attention. Your bedroom can reveal a lot about you, so try to design it according to your style and taste.

A good bedroom design might be challenging, but it’s worth your time. Here are some tips that will help you in decorating your bedroom.

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Unique Uses of Sofa Tables

Your sofa might be the star of your living room, but when sofa tables are added, it can make your living room a blockbuster hit. Sofa tables come in a variety of forms, including sofa tables with stools, sofa tables with storage, behind sofa table, etc. This furniture not only makes an impression upon visitors but also adds a fashionable and functional accent to the room. The following are some of the unique uses of sofa tables to consider in your room design.

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Smith Brothers Fabric Wall

Smith Brothers Clarity Fabric: Why Consider This Fabric Choice and Furniture Brand

Outfitting the rooms of your home is no easy task. You need the furniture you choose to be stylish, durable, and affordable. When updating your furniture, consider none other than Smith Brothers, made with Smith Brothers clarity fabric. As with anything, your furniture is only as good as its components. With Smith Brothers clarity fabric, your furniture is guaranteed to be covered with the highest quality of hand-selected, durable fabrics. Room Concepts offers a complete line of Smith Brothers furniture with clarity fabrics.

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4 Major Benefits of Amish Made Furniture

Durability and quality are two essential factors to consider when choosing furniture for your home. Many people also want stylish furniture that matches the overall look of the house. Amish made furniture offers the perfect blend of handcrafted style along with staying power, so you can feel confident in your furniture purchase.

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3 Tips for Planning Your Trip to a Custom Furniture Store

Who doesn’t have a favorite color or a preference in solid vs pattern? We all have opinions, especially on something we’re investing in like furniture. So, when you’ve made the decision to design your own furniture, there are a few key steps you need to take before you come into a custom furniture store, like Room Concepts Furniture. Prepare like a pro by following these 3 tips.

Do your homework.

When you imagine your dream room, what is the layout of your space? Is there enough room on that wall to accommodate a sectional couch? Do you have narrow doorways or tricky steps to navigate that might make that oversized dresser more of a nightmare than the dream solution you’ve been looking for in your home? In order to invest wisely in custom furniture, you need to make plans for the room you have and not just the room you want.

Take measurements – most of us have heard the old adage of “Measure twice, cut once.” This also applies to only ordering once. Stress on the day of delivery is not worth the investment you’ve made when a gorgeous dining set does not allow you to open that cherished sideboard inherited from your great-grandmother because it is too big in your space. Measure your doorways, plan how the furniture will need to be brought into your house, and think about whether a new furnishing will block doorways or windows. Taking the time to plan ahead ensures you will be able to enjoy the new delivery instead of regretting it.

Bring pictures or examples of the color, wood grain, or pattern you desire.

Part of that planning is not only taking measurements, but also realistically addressing whether a trendy turquoise chevron recliner will look appropriate next to your Burberry-style plaid couch. When designing custom furniture, details are important. While our associates are happy to help you discover your style and how to incorporate all of your preferences, it makes the planning even smoother when you have an idea of what those preferences are. Do you crave plush, soft fabrics, or do you care more about textures and patterns? All of these are important to take into consideration before you visit our showroom in either Wexford or South Hills.

For example, Room Concepts Furniture has more fabric samples than your local ice cream shop has flavors. After you narrow down your color palette or know your idea of the perfect fabric family, we are able to better make that dream come to fruition. So, whether it’s a fabric, color, pattern, or your favorite wood that lives throughout your home, we want to make sure it makes its way into your high-quality custom piece from Room Concepts Furniture.

Don’t expect to walk out of the showroom with your piece of furniture that day.

Quality furniture, just like anything else of high-quality, takes time. To get something that is one-of-a-kind, it takes skilled craftsmen weeks to create your masterpiece. Our American made furniture cannot be mass-produced at the rate of the big-box stores, and you won’t find picture assembly instructions in a shelved-box for our pieces. Room Concepts Furniture delivers the gorgeous piece of furniture you’ve been wishing for in your exact specifications, ready to fit your home and your lifestyle.


When searching for high-quality, custom furniture, make sure you do your homework, bring examples, and set realistic expectations for your experience. The time it will take you in preparation is nothing compared to the years of enjoyment you will have when you look at the piece you received from Room Concepts Furniture.

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